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The NFHCA Field Hockey event is a stay-to-play event. In order to be eligible to participate in the tournament, each team registering for the tournament must make its’ hotel reservations at an approved hotel through the official housing company, Team Travel Source. It is essential that we have full team cooperation (athletes, coaches, parents, etc.) to ensure your placement in the tournament and allow us to secure enough quality rooms at the best possible group pricing.

The stay-to-play policy is in place to help increase the amount of room nights available to teams and clubs and to help police the rates the hotels are offering. By increasing the amount of room nights actually used for the purpose of attending our events, Team Travel Source is able to prove to the host cities our positive impact on their local economy and maintain lower rates for our attendees. Team Travel Source uses a system that directly communicates with the hotels to get the necessary inventory, monitor pick-up and verify eligibility of your team for the tournament.

STAY-TO-PLAY EXCEPTIONS: The following two exceptions are allowed but must be verified as explained below:

1. If you have enough points to redeem them for a FREE stay, you are allowed to do that. Please book the room through the brand and send a copy of your reservation showing that points were used for your entire stay to Please make sure to list the athletes name on your email so they are an approved exemption. Please note that just ‘receiving points’ for staying at a hotel does not qualify for an exemption. You must be redeeming for an entire free stay.

2. If you live within 75 miles from the fields, you are not required to stay in a hotel. This must be able to be verified through

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