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Team PIN: Upon registration, you will be assigned a Team PIN number. Your Team PIN will allow for secure access to your team and will be used when you 1) Pay Remaining Balance, 2) Allow your players to enter their personal data for the College Coaches' Handbook. The Team PIN will be provided in the confirmation email after you register.
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These are not separate divisions, but rankings used to help create/balance pools.
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Wait List: If you are being placed on a wait list, your credit card will be charged a $50 reservation fee. If we are unable to accommodate your team, your reservation fee will be refunded. If we are able to accommodate your team, your reservation fee will be applied towards your registration fee and your card will be charged the remaining balance. If you decline our invitation to an available spot to the tournament, you will NOT be refunded your reservation fee.

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The coach password will allow the coach to login and manage the team roster.
IMPORTANT: If you plan on registering additional teams and would like to manage all teams using one account, please make sure your Coach Password is identical for all teams. You must also ensure that the email address you provide as the coach e-mail is the same for each team. (The system will not allow you to create a duplicate password for a different email address).
Please be sure to only give this password to the team coach!
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